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You can now book online!

If the council you reside in is not yet included on our automated booking calendar, it does not mean we cannot help. Please send us an inquiry and we will book you in manually!

Please note: All of our inspectors are currently fully booked prior to 1st November 2021. All bookings after this date will receive a Booking Confirmation with a statement from us confirming that this is the next available booking and that the owner will be submitting their Compliance Certificate as soon as all rectifications are complete (if any) and they will be submitting this Certificate to Council at the latest 60 days from their booking date. Please forward this Booking confirmation as evidence to request a brief extension with your relevant Council.

” Under Regulation 147Z (1)(b) Relevant council may extend time for lodgement of a certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance:

The relevant council may at any time on its own motion, or at the request of the owner of land on which a swimming pool or spa is located, extend the period for lodgement of a certificate of pool and spa barrier compliance for the swimming pool or spa, if the relevant council is satisfied that

– arrangements have been put in place by the owner for an inspection by a swimming pool and spa inspector to inspect the barrier.”